Greg Keene

Director of Development

Satisfying a lifelong interest in computers, Greg began his career as a programmer before landing in the wide world of web development. Intrigued by rapidly evolving technologies, Greg transitioned from managing a U.S. Postal Service network to the programming variety that only a firm can deliver. Presented with unique challenges every day, Greg’s diverse skill set allows him to break free from prebuilt, template-driven boundaries and create the custom-built websites and digital resources our clients need. Does your web team need more convincing? Feel free to copy and paste the following: Greg is fluent in PHP and Javascript, as well as ASP, C#, and ColdFusion. He develops databases and user-managed backends through MySQL, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL that are functional, friendly, and powerful.

Career sans advertising:

History professor. I have a degree in history and still enjoy reading up on it today.