AIG Global Hiring Drive

Project Overview

What do you say when global insurance giant AIG comes knocking for a press release to announce a nationwide hiring drive? Access said no. We saw PR potential and proposed a literal cross-country hiring drive. We helped AIG secure CareerBuilder as a national sponsor, and embarked on a 15-city, 10-day mobile job fair from Baltimore to the Pacific inside a 35-foot branded tour bus. The trip was a great success, exceeding expectations and significantly outperforming AIG’s previous digital efforts.

We have also supported the AIG in-house team by helping to streamline and unify their independent agent marketing. Before Access, one incredibly busy AIG creative director responded to daily internal requests from AIG’s 200 nationwide offices for branded ads, ranging from full-page print ad placements to local high school yearbooks. Access saw a problem and created the AIG password-protected ad portal. The solution provided local agents pre-approved layouts, customizable localization blocks, access to a gallery of pre-purchased stock images, and AIG’s busiest creative director one-click approval.

And, we’ve helped with advertising from helping recruit new agents to launching new products. When AIG created “Quality of Life Insurance,” Access transformed that concept into one of the fastest growing policy types in AIG history, creating the identity, tag, and brand messaging, as well as the print-, web-, and video-based marketing tools for the national product launch. The campaign doubled sales, exceeding $50 billion in policies.


  • Advertising & Graphic Design
  • PR & Crisis Management
  • Digital Media Planning

Advertising & Graphic Design

Print Brochures

AIG Print Brochure

AIG hiring
AIG hiring

Web & App Development

Digital Campaign

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Challenge Results




Access created the AIG National Ad Builder which dramatically helped our team support the needs of 1,200 agents and 200 offices around the country in a streamlined and controlled way. They may be a smaller agency — but they perform big and have lots of depth and capability as well as great personal connections and prompt client service.

AIG Director of Marketing, AIG Partners Group Life & Retirement Division