Laurel Ridge Community College

Project Overview

In 2021, the Virginia State Board of Community Colleges approved the recommendations by several community colleges to change the names of their institutions whose historic namesakes were associated with a painful history of slavery and racial injustice. The board approved the college’s transition to Laurel Ridge Community College, a name that pays homage to both the native flora of the region and the laurel that has been associated with academic achievement. The institution turned to AccessU for a new website, brand promise, and marketing campaign to embrace its new name. AccessU facilitated discovery sessions and conducted on-campus and in-community research to better understand the school’s brand equity and then engaged our brand experts to develop creative concepts and a digital advertising strategy. The new launch has been a success, with fresh messaging and digital tactics that are driving success and moving the needle on enrollment in a competitive landscape.


  • Web Design & Development
  • Advertising & Graphic Design
  • Video Creation & Production

Web & App Development

Laurel Ridge Community College Website

Laurel Ridge Community College Website


Advertising & Graphic Design

Laurel Ridge Digital Campaign

Laurel Ridge Digital Ad 1

Laurel Ridge Digital Ad 2     Laurel Ridge Digital Ad 3.    Laurel Ridge Digital Ad 4

Video Creation & Production

LRCC Grow With Us

LFCC Start You

Not only are we appreciative of how the website turned out (we love the design) and all the work that went into getting it ready, but the development support that AccessU provided during the launch has been phenomenal. It’s good to have a great working relationship with a company you can count on!

Print and Web Manager Laurel Ridge Community College