New River Community College

Project Overview

Like many colleges, NRCC has a talented in-house marketing team, but for major campaigns or special skill sets, they turn to our team at AccessU. We help NRCC with concept, design, and copywriting for major enrollment campaigns. We also help fill specific recruitment efforts for unexpected funding opportunities to promote featured programs. Our talented team not only helps with the strategy and messaging from a branding level — we get into the nitty-gritty with illustrations and design. When the need arises for video, the team here can help from custom animation to logistics support, planning, and direction for video.


  • Advertising & Graphic Design
  • Video Creation & Production

Advertising & Graphic Design

Digital Ad Campaign

NRCC Digital Ads

Video Creation & Production

NRCC “Choices” Fall 2021

NRCC 2020: Frank

NRCC 2020: Seleste

AccessU is a long-time, dedicated partner of New River Community College and the Virginia Community College System. NRCC is grateful to have them as part of our communication team as we seek to reach our students and engage our communities. AccessU has been helpful, knowledgeable, and, most importantly in our ever-changing world, responsive and available. Over the years, AccessU has invested the time to learn more about higher education, particularly community colleges’ needs. AccessU understands the intricacies of our diverse audiences. They help us remain student-focused by creating the tools we need to reach our potential and current students with precise messaging.

Public Relations Specialist, New River Community College