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Project Overview

Virginia-based Shenandoah Growers* is one of the leading suppliers of fresh, organic herbs sold in most major retailers across the United States. On the cusp of holiday cooking season (their busiest time of year), the company sought new packaging to rebrand its existing product line, as well as introduce a new microgreen product line to consumers. Shenandoah Growers came to AccessU hoping to better understand the shopping behaviors of its loyal customer base, as well as an emerging customer base of occasional shoppers. Shenandoah Growers had done their homework, building detailed profiles of those likely to buy their products, but the key component was still missing. The WHY. The client needed to understand what drove customers to buy and cook with fresh herbs as well as the role packaging plays in the decision-making process. Our team facilitated six consumer focus groups, including mock shopping sessions, to explore experiences and uses with different fresh herb products and gauge reaction to proposed packaging designs and product messages.

To the delight of home cooks everywhere, Shenandoah Growers successfully launched its new line of microgreens just in time for Thanksgiving, followed closely by refreshed packaging that appealed to consumers’ interests in natural, healthy food. As packaging evolved, the AccessU research-led strategy to color code product lines for quicker decision-making is still in use.

*In 2021, Shenandoah Growers again rebranded as Soli Organic.


  • Advertising & Graphic Design

Advertising & Graphic Design

Shenandoah Growers Product Packaging

SG Puree Packaging SG Basil Product

Organic living herbs are some of the freshest and most flavorful ways to enjoy herbs, providing that optimal mix of freshness and convenience right at the consumer’s fingertips. To help our retail partners capitalize on our innovations and opportunities, we are launching retail-ready displays for the spring. Labor in the stores is always at a premium, and these new merchandising options provide an easy way for retailers to maximize sales and profit at a time when living herbs have their highest velocity.

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