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Why We Love Working With Community Colleges

Community Colleges are powerhouses of opportunities. On International Day of Education, AccessU celebrates the work of these institutions and other agencies at the forefront of fostering peace, development, and human rights through education. We love what we do, and it’s a privilege to support community colleges in providing affordable, accessible learning opportunities that nurture inclusivity in our communities.

Understanding the intricate dynamics of community colleges is at the core of what we do. By harnessing the power of branding and storytelling, we’ve guided many higher education institutions to increase enrollment and reach new audiences with opportunities that can change their lives. So, why are we so passionate? Read on:

  1. Community colleges and workforce development programs provide the experience and training the local workforce needs. By partnering with local industry leaders to determine what skills and pathways are required helps ensure that new employees can be work-ready and current employees can receive upskilling for new career paths, in the communities they already call home. Partnerships in clean energy may be a critical need in one region, while additive manufacturing is crucial in another. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for community colleges, and they possess the passion and dedication to meet these localized needs quickly and nimbly.
  2. Community colleges foster connections to area resources that support the whole student. As community colleges face funding challenges due to decreasing student populations and underfunded workforce programs, they must become experts in mining wraparound community resources. Housing solutions, translation assistance, transportation support, and on-campus childcare are some areas where community colleges leverage local partnerships to help break down barriers for students wanting to access additional education. In this way, community colleges are the example of what industry and other agencies need to do to retain and grow a competitive workforce.
  3. Community colleges create a place where students can belong. Regardless of educational background, socioeconomic status, age, or field of study, community colleges remove the labels of traditional and non-traditional for students and provide needed support to first-generation college students, English learners and high school students alike.
  4. Community colleges enable generational change. These important institutions offer more than college credits, and they offer more than workforce credentials – they nurture close-knit communities that enable easily accessible options and support to help students thrive no matter the obstacles that they face.

At AccessU, we live at the intersection of workforce development, education, and community engagement. We are passionate about helping our clients make a difference. We know that branding, relationship-building, and strategic communication are the keys to success. Whether it’s a digital marketing campaign to assist enrollment efforts or branding a reinvigorated athletics program, AccessU is passionate about how we can help our clients achieve their mission and make an impact. We are grateful for the role our community college clients play, and the opportunity we have to support them in their marketing and public relations efforts.

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Brenda is a seasoned communications professional who is passionate about education and how it transforms lives. For more than 19 years, she helped educational institutions tell their stories to stakeholders in compelling ways. Brenda continually aims to assist organizations in making a significant impact. Her experience in education prepared her...

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