Melissa Mays

Vice President of Culture & Finance

Melissa’s knowledge of finance, accounting, and human resources is essential to our team. Her professional journey started in banking and investments, where she had the opportunity to perform accounting functions for several nonprofit organizations. Eventually, Melissa returned to the corporate world after working with AccessU’s leadership in supporting nonprofits. She was eager to join a mission-driven advertising agency that aligned with her motto: “Collaborations are the key to every success.”

Outside her role with AccessU, Melissa has served the local community in several positions including Treasurer of the Roanoke Foundation for Downtown, Inc., Treasurer of the Market Building Foundation Inc., and as a Member of the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Truist Bank Regional Advisory Board.

As co-owner of chocolatepaper, a chocolate, gift, and greeting card shop in downtown Roanoke, Melissa understands firsthand the challenges and rewards of small business ownership. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a concentration in Business from Hollins University.

Career sans advertising:

Author. I still have time to write a book, right?