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The PR Do’s and Dont’s of Election Season

With Election Day here, the intense marketing campaigns and candidate appearances throughout the political season offer an important reminder. Even if your organization is staying neutral, it’s still essential to stay relevant and plan your public relations strategies accordingly.

DO acknowledge Election Day

Elections happen every year. Rather than ignoring them altogether, plan a social media post. Something short and sweet encouraging people to get out there and vote! If there are any items on the ballot that directly affect your community, take the opportunity to explain what that means on a strictly informational and educational note. The team at AccessU can help develop a social media graphic or post that best fits your needs.

DON’T be ignorant of the media cycle

If you’re planning an event for your organization, especially when it’s not related to elections, be cognizant of the fact that your local reporters will be hyper-focusing their coverage on politics. They’re going to be busy reporting on the races, most intensely on Election Day, but also in the week leading up to polling time and for a few days following the final votes, interviewing newly elected officials and the public for reaction pieces based on the results.

For this reason, planning your media opportunities accordingly to warrant the best coverage outcomes needs to be strategic.

DO utilize beat reporters

Not every reporter or media outlet covers politics. There are many who focus on lifestyle trends, education, sports, finances, and other niche topics. Times like election season are a great opportunity to show them some love and direct specialized individual pitches to those journalists, rather than sending out a mass press release or media alert.

DON’T wait on booking paid placements

Most candidates’ public relations strategies will buy out the local newspapers’ ad space and lots of broadcast airtime. In a busy election season, you’ll want to get moving on booking these opportunities well in advance.

DO invest in digital

Rise above the noise online by putting dollars behind sponsored and paid content on social media. AccessU can help target your demographic on the best days and times when they’re active on Facebook, Instagram, and beyond to ensure your message is being seen and resonating with your audience.

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